How to get certified

How to get certified with SAP

How to get certified with SAP , In this step-by-step guide, we have listed the necessary steps you need to take to become an SAP certified expert. It covers the process from logging in to what happens after you have taken your exam. You will also find information on how to contact in case you are in need of assistance during any of the steps.

tep-by-step guide, we have listed the necessary steps you need to take to become an SAP certified expert.

  1. Purchase a subscription to the Certification Hub

    To access certifications for core SAP Solutions and to schedule up to 6 exam attempts: Purchase a subscription to the Certification Hub by booking SAP Certification online exam, one attempt, or SAP Certification online exam, six attempts. An invoice with payment instructions will be sent to the invoice recipient you specify. Your subscription will be valid for 12 months. You can attempt any of the available exams during this time.Purchase a subscription to the Certification

  2. Schedule an SAP Certification exam

    As soon as you receive confirmation of your subscription, you will be able to schedule an SAP Certification exam. Log in via SAP Learning or SAP Training Shop. You can either use your SAP user ID or your email address to log in. Schedule an SAP Certification

  3. Access your purchased subscription

    Click on your profile icon and then “Access purchased subscriptions” How to get certified with SAP.
    Need help? Please open a ticket in the User Support CenterAccess your purchased subscription

  4. Visit the Certification Hub

    Visit the SAP Certification Hub by clicking “Access the Certification Hub”. You will be redirected automatically. Visit the Certification Hub

  5. View your exam results or schedule a new exam

    When clicking “Exam Dashboard”, you can view your exam results and any remaining attempts within your subscription. To schedule a new appointment, click “Schedule an exam”.View your exam results or schedule a new exam

  6. Select the right certifcation

    Review the available exams listed in the menu. Find the right certification and click on the blue calendar icon to schedule-your-exam. We suggest you schedule your exam far enough in advance (2-3 hours) to allow you to test your equipment and get your identification documents ready.Select the right certifcation

  7. Find a suitable exam date and time

    Find a suitable exam date and time. Make sure to select the correct time zone before saving. If no time zone is chosen, your appointment will be automatically set to “UTC”.Find a suitable exam date

  8. . Re-schedule your exam

    Scheduled exams appear under “Exam Appointments”. If you wish to re-schedule, please delete the appointment first. Please return to step 5 to set up a new appointment.Re-schedule your exam

  9. Receive a confirmation email

    After your appointment is scheduled, you will receive a confirmation email from “”

  10. Read your exam information email

    If any details are incorrect, or you have any questions or concerns, please contact your local SAP representative (visit the contact page at SAP Training Shop). Please make sure to provide your order number to the specialist handling your query. This can be found in the Order Summary section or My Account section of SAP Training Shop , How to get certified with SAP.Read your exam information

  11. Ensure your computer is ready for exam day

    Ensure you have the following equipment in place before taking your exam:
    Questionmark Secure browser (must be downloaded and installed)
    Microphone or headset
    Broadband connection (at least 2 Mbps download and 2 Mbps upload)
    Prepare your equipment and test your system at least 2-3 hours in advance of taking your exam.

  12. Start your exam

    To start your exam, click the “Start Exam” link from the Exam Appointments page on SAP Certification Hub. Please have your identification ready.
    Need help? If you do not see the link 15-10 minutes prior to starting the exam after performing the above 3 steps, please contact Questionmark support via Live Chat at and they will directly assist. Proctors will help you when they are checking your environment.

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